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Re: I break the silence: My arrest

I think there is support and all we need to do to obtain it is tell
people *how* they can support you. Whether that is writing letters to
German officials, protesting at German consulates, sending donations,
or just getting this stuff in the press. I suggest you submit your
story to indymedia.de as well as the magazine 2600. If you get
published in 2600, you will reach a community that will be very
concerned about your situation. I think that there is support here,
the key is just how to get it. I don't know about how German law
works, but how hard would it be to advocate with elected
representatives and get this law changed? Can we hit them with a
divestment campaign? Who is responsible for these attacks on tor
operators? Can we begin impeachment proceedings? etc. etc. etc. The
people on the other side of the ocean are lost as where to start, and
that's where we need to focus our attention. And perhaps FSF EU, EFF
EU, or CCC is the place to start with that.
Comrade Ringo Kamens

On 9/15/07, BlueStar88 <BlueStar88@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> If the most Tor users are really into human rights, free speech,
> reporters and the like, then there *are* organizations which vastly more
> power than such a 'little' Tor-operator-fund can provide, thought..
> But where are they, when it's getting hot on Tor?
> Why all the load is up to the operators?
> Where are the *users* supporting Tor?
> I'm reading all this and coming to the conclusion: I'm alone (except
> some nice words), if it takes me. There's nothing to read about external
> professional support. My experience: Just finding a internet techieness
> lawyer is a hard job...
> But I don't like to be alone, if I'm doing something for all (the
> users!) on this mission for freedom!
> Are there mostly black hats on there, which surely not stand up and say
> "comrade, here's my hand, we'll drive this legal in the open field..."?
> If there is NO SUPPORT from the users itself, any organization or the
> like, we (as the fully responsible operators) should seriously
> reconsider...
> Just another 'naive' one from me, or is it a point? ;-)
> Greets
> Am Samstag, den 15.09.2007, 19:50 -0400 schrieb Ringo Kamens:
> > If you set up a paypal account I would be willing to donate on a
> > case-by-case basis (in this case, it would be to help with your legal
> > fees). I think even if you don't need help with legal fees by
> > receiving donations from all across the world it sends the message to
> > German authorities that harassing and attacking tor node operators is
> > not acceptable. Also, being able to mail in money would also be nice ;
> > )
> > Comrade Ringo Kamens
> --
> BlueStar88 <BlueStar88@xxxxxxxxxxx>