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Re: [pygame] Scrolling

You can blit a surface that is bigger than the pygame screen and it should efficiently crop it for you without extra work on your part. At some point though you will probably run into surface size limitations, in which case you can just tile surfaces together.

In my experience with pygame, full screen blitting is really only fast enough at fairly low resolutions. But of course YMMV.


On Aug 3, 2009, at 11:32 AM, Yanom Mobis wrote:

How is scrolling done in pygame? i was thinking of blitting all gameobjects to a surface, then blitting part of that surface to the screen like this:
 |          +-------+        |
 |           |            |         |
 |          +-------+        |
 |                                 |
where the big box is the surface, and the small box is the screen.