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Re: [pygame] pygame1.9 does not install in ubuntu from easy_install

René Dudfield wrote:

On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 7:27 PM, Lenard Lindstrom <len-l@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:len-l@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    René Dudfield wrote:

        On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 4:51 PM, Marcus von Appen
        <mva@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:mva@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
        <mailto:mva@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:mva@xxxxxxxxxxxx>>> wrote:

           On, Tue Aug 04, 2009, Rene Dudfield wrote:

           > Hi,
           > since the easy_install was worked around, no quick bug fix
           release will be
           > made.
           > It's missing the readme.html file, but otherwise seems to all
           work ok... and
           > the readme.txt file is there still.  So I don't think
        it's worth
           > another release.
           > There's been no other bug reports so far, so I think
        that's ok.
           > However, if you reckon it'd cause issues for some reason?  We
           could do
           > another quick bugfix release?
           > So no new quick bug fix release will be made.

           As it only seems to have an impact on easy_install, I'm
        fine with
           it, as
           the port uses the usual setup procedure. So, if there are
        no more
           complains from other packaging systems, we can leave
        anything as is.



        sorry, I spoke before reading all my emails...

        there does seem to be another bug report (about solar wolf not
        working)... I'll investigate that soon.  Don't have much
        internet access at the moment.

        Or if anyone else can confirm if solar wolf is working for
        them?  From the tar.gz source installer?



    Superficially this bug looks like an incomplete install of Pygame
    1.9.0-1 on Arch Unix.


cool thanks.  No new quick release then.


I won't be able to help here. For Debian the Python 2.6 package has a dependency not yet backported to lenny.