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Re: [pygame] Google Summer of Code participation


I sent you both an email with the 2008 application.  Obviously we were
unsuccessful last year... so it probably needs to be more persuasive.
One factor they take into account is making it easy for them, by
having admin staff and stuff.

Most likely it's easy to get in through the PSF, since doing admin as
a separate group would take a lot of time.

However... we could set up a "Pygame Foundation" through a group like:

They are an ubrella organisation for open source groups.  Groups like
Samba, Twisted Matrix, inkscape, boost, and others use them.  They
handle admin stuff, and are a charity organisation which can accept
donations, hold assets etc.

I've emailed them to find out more.  Maybe we could start something
with them, and then it may be more likely that we would be accepted by
google as an organisation - since then we'd have some people who can
do the admin work -- and they are already dealing with google through
all the other organisations.

Considering the time line... I think we'll have enough time to do it
either way.  However I don't think we'd have enough resources to be a
separate organisation without help.  We want to spend our time hacking

I've also sent a reminder to the SDL mailing list about gsoc.

Not sure if I want to be involved as much as last year... it seemed to
take quite a lot of time... and I'd rather be selfish this year and
just spend it making stuff myself this year ;)  Also I'm not sure I
have the time this year around that time.  So I'll have to be possible
mentor, or maybe a backup mentor...  it would also depend on what
students, and projects are proposed.  I'll have more of a think.

Here's the google announcement with details:

On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 9:50 AM, Nirav Patel <olpc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Windows and OS X webcam support are other possibilities.
>> If students come up with interesting ideas, that's fine as well,
>> though. There's no need to stick to the ideas list only :-).
> Absolutely.  Hopefully students will come forward with project ideas.
> Unless there are objections to a pygame organization application, it
> would be useful to have a post on the front page requesting that
> interested students take a look at the ideas page or propose their own
> projects on the wiki and the list.  If we are not accepted, it would
> still be useful if PSF gives us slots.
> Perhaps we should flesh out the application here or on the wiki.
> Nirav