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Re: [pygame] Pygame "look and feel"

The python is sometimes referred to as Snakey. I agree, leave the "M" as an M. I do find the lettering in the main example illegible. Too much is hidden by Snakey's body. In the top example Shakey is more of an afterthought. Maybe the "PYGAME" can be left out entirely, as in the lower right corner example. It can be included under the logo when desired. As for the python being frightening, I find it more daring, or risky. It reminds me of Sir Hiss <http://youchew.net/wiki/index.php?title=Sir_Hiss>.

On 13-10-05 11:44 AM, Westley Martínez wrote:
Nay, the M should not be the M in Pygame. Replacing letters with objects
is usually a bad idea, esp. when the letter isn't significant.  I think
Aikiman should try putting the controller in the Python's mouth.  Also,
I think the python (perhaps we should name him?) should look a little
less intimidating.  He's a lot more frightening when compared to the old

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Looks good. Maybe the game controller can be the M in Pygame. Also, a
matching icon is needed.

Lenard Lindstrom

On 13-10-04 12:45 AM, Aikiman wrote:
For what its worth then here are a couple of designs of the logo. Im only
throwing them up here because i've already done the work but if you are
interested I can continue onward with colors, otherwise I can drop this no
problems. Maybe its something for the future then.


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