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Re: [school-discuss] class scheduling applications needed

jkinz@rcn.com wrote:

> Hi-   In connection to my efforts to get a school started using Open Source
> software (ie Linux), I've been asked if there is a scheduling application
> available for managing class/classroom scheduling ?
> This is software that would take in lists of students, the courses each
> student has to take, instructors, and classrooms and would output a proposed
> schedule which (in theory) allows all the students to get all the classes they
> need.
> Any one have any ideas or suggestions ?

Take a look in the Administrative category of the SEUL/edu Educational
Applications Index.  The ones that look promising to me are asigna, Calcium,
Carnegie, eduBase, Educational Information System, JAdvisor, OpenSIS, phpCBS,
scheduler, Schedulist, Tablix, and XPUSP.  I've probably missed a few.

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