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Re: [seul-edu] Final opinions for Linux World Expo.....

On Fri, Aug 11, 2000 at 08:36:47AM -0700, Bill Ries-Knight wrote:
> We can have a two side flyer - front page is the WHO WE ARE
> stuff and put the WHAT WE HAVE stuff on the reverse.  My
> experience with these things is we don't want two stapled
> pages, and we don't want two sheets.  If someone has a
> better perspective, I am listening hard.  

The seul-flier-linuxworld is designed to be two sides of a single
piece of paper. It's black&white and designed to be very easy to
copy in poor print quality environments.

Of course, realistically we should have a couple of spiffy graphics
at the top. If anybody wants to take this thing and actually turn it
into a spiffy flier, by all means feel free.
This was a slight adaptation of the flier we used at linuxworld in NY,
which was something I threw together at the last moment.
I'm not a graphics design person; if there are any out there, now's the
time to step forward. :)
> I would also like to see if we can get some help to install
> the apps listed on the flyer on the computers Eugene will be
> providing.
> The apps are 
> Dr. Geo
> gEDA
> gFTP
> GPeriodic
> gPS
> Independence
> Pingus
> Roster
> XArchon
> Any other Apps that are preferred can be included, just say
> "WHAT" and we will do our best.

These are only a handful of the apps that we have. Look at
www.seul.org and click all the things in the lower left. Things
like Nightfall or gtkpool might be fun to display as well.
(I recommend against trying to demo independence. :)
> I am not versed in these, and would appreciate some
> assistance as the time to set up is limited.
I suggest that you focus on demo'ing the ones that you're comfortable
working with. Since there will be several of you, perhaps you will
represent different interests and different skillsets.

> Do we want a printer?  I may be able to bring a printer
> along, but I fear that would be overkill...  If so, I have a
> limited set of options so yack at me and I will see what can
> be done.

I don't think you'll find much use for a printer at the expo.