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Re: [seul-edu] Some ideas to consider

If you believe that Micro$oft is any better at this thing, see


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> Point of the SCO thing, is that this case may taint the very name of
> linux into being 'expensive' cause schools won't consider that kernel
> 2.4 is the only one that is tainted, even tho, i don't think that is
> what SCO is claiming now. SO no matter what linux you are running,
> according to SCO you have to pay them some huge licensing fee to use it.
> Whether you bought it right from Redhat or SuSu or Mandrake even
> Debian... there will be that taint.  So, that would make linux no better
> than windows in that whole reguard.  I am not trying to get down on our
> cause, but this SCO case is really bothering me, and i'm sure it is
> bothering many other linux people, and many more devleopers. I was
> seriously bothered by a lot of the politican and School board people's
> attitude around here. They dont' care as long as it costs money. More
> taxes are being implemented... on other things now... I feel very sorry
> that i moved to this state. And i am not sure how much of an effort, at
> least in this county, Open source would be for the schools here.  I
> could see more benefit to the smaller, rural districts.