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Re: [seul-edu] Some ideas to consider

This is something new.

You are saying SCO claims making changes to the kernel.

Up to now I though they just added a few utilities.

For your kind information there something called the GNU Public license
and Linux happens to be copyrighted under it.

That means simply that Linux Torvalds and GNU have complete rights to
get the source code to whatever modifications SCO or anyone else may
have made to the Kernel.

End of case.

Will someone please take a look at the License of Linux.

BTW if someone doesn't know about Opensource how would they know about

The whole case is against SCO from the start due to GNU. Does anyone
know of anything which SCO can say to defend itself in any court ?

On Mon, 2003-08-11 at 00:08, Jennifer Dozar wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 10, 2003 at 12:29:32PM -0500, Darryl Palmer wrote:
> > SCO threat itself is not that important.  They are stating that Linux was
> > contaminated after version 2.4, if you only use Debian Woody stable with the
> > default kernel or RedHat 7 then you are using kernel version 2.2.  The major
> > differences are with USB support and some multiprocessor functionality.
> Point of the SCO thing, is that this case may taint the very name of
> linux into being 'expensive' cause schools won't consider that kernel
> 2.4 is the only one that is tainted, even tho, i don't think that is
> what SCO is claiming now. SO no matter what linux you are running,
> according to SCO you have to pay them some huge licensing fee to use it.
> Whether you bought it right from Redhat or SuSu or Mandrake even
> Debian... there will be that taint.  So, that would make linux no better
> than windows in that whole reguard.  I am not trying to get down on our
> cause, but this SCO case is really bothering me, and i'm sure it is
> bothering many other linux people, and many more devleopers. I was
> seriously bothered by a lot of the politican and School board people's
> attitude around here. They dont' care as long as it costs money. More
> taxes are being implemented... on other things now... I feel very sorry
> that i moved to this state. And i am not sure how much of an effort, at
> least in this county, Open source would be for the schools here.  I
> could see more benefit to the smaller, rural districts. 
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> > > I'm sure the SCO business isn't going to help this cause much. I hope
> > > that will be over soon, but i have a bad feeling it will be drawn out a
> > > couple more years.
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Thank You.

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