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Re: [seul-edu] Seul Index Fields?

On Tue, 24 Jul 2001, Les Richardson wrote:
> Looking at the FreeDuc database, it appears that they have the
> following fields: (I've added a possible MySQL datatype)
> 1) Name		char(255)
> 2) Description 	char(255)
> 3) Author 		char(255)
> 4) Time		timestamp(11)
> 5) HomepageURL	char(255)
We're haven't included Author or Time, and our Descriptions are
often longer than 255 characters.  Is there a possible "text"
datatype in MySQL (or PostGreSQL) that would allow a larger

> Then to categorize each entry we should add a few category
> fields (as many as required, perhaps up to 5 or so..?)
> 6) Cat1	char(255)
> 7) Cat2	char(255)
> etc., etc.
> What more is required? (Remembering that someone has to enter
> this information.... so lets keep it short.)
We've been listing License type too.

> The current index data is stored in the WIKI in a simple HTML
> file? Yes/No?
More or less.  Take a look at a random application entry page
and you'll see.

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