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Re: [seul-edu] Revision 2 Seul Index Fields

Added versioning field, 

>So an updated revised structure might look like this:
>1) Name		char(255),
>2) Description 	text,  (an unlimited text datatype)

2a) Version		char(8),

>3) Author 		char(255),
>4) Time		timestamp(10),
>5) HomepageURL	char(255),
>6) Review		text,  (an unlimited text datatype)
>7) License		char(20), (pop up list)
>8) AuthorMail		char(255),  (to automate e-mail contact)
>9) Cat1		char(255)
>10) Cat2		char(255)
>etc., etc.
>What more is required? (Remembering that someone has to enter
>this information.... so lets keep it short.)
>Les Richardson