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Re: [seul-edu] New indices for SEUL/edu software page

Jeff Nelson wrote:

> The new indices look really nice and useful; I especially like the feature to
> add a review.

I appreciate that.  It's good to hear that we're not headed in _completely_ the
wrong direction.

> If someone still wants to make it into a database and Roger doesn't want to
> host it, I have a server that could do it... if folks are comfortable with a
> Pentium Pro 180 being able to handle the load.  It's equipped with mysql and
> php4.

I'm pretty sure that this will become database driven shortly.  Les Richardson
plans to work something up in the next few weeks, I think.  When it's all said
and done, I hope we can have some canned database queries that duplicate the
current indices in what they return, along with a more general search form that
would allow the user to create on-the-fly filters (like, show all records where
category=physics and license!=GPL, for example).

> Come to think of it, if anyone needs a place to host something or to do
> php/mysql development, I could probably help in that regard... this system is
> being set up as a permanent production server and will have two brand-new,
> huge hard drives with more space than I will ever know what to do with...
> I'll probably upgrade the processor and RAM soon too...

I don't know that we'll need to call on you for SEUL; Roger can contact you about
that if he feels the need.  However, it's a generous offer, which I heartily
recommend to anyone else on this list who could use these services!

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