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Re: [seul-edu] REVISED Seul Index Fields

>Les Richardson wrote:
>> 8) AuthorMail           char(255),  (to automate e-mail contact)
>> What more is required? (Remembering that someone has to enter
>> this information.... so lets keep it short.)
>Actually, do we want this on the publicly available database?  This
>info should be available on the actual sites for each application,
>which might be where it's best to leave it.  If people can read our
>short descriptions and then click on a mailto: link to send email
>directly to a contact, that might cause an aggravating number of
>simple questions that could have been answered if the user had just
>gone to the actual site for the program.


>Of course we need to maintain this info for our own purposes, such
>as to keep the links accurate and up-to-date.  I don't know that we
>want to show it to the world, though.
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