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Re: gEDA-user: Gerbv-2.0.1 for Windows released, but not working!

At 01:02 PM 9/3/2008, you wrote:
Notice that they specify 0 degrees as pin one in the SW quadrant.  Although they don't say which direction the rotation is, looking at an illustration, it seems to show that the rotation is CCW.  I want to say I read this somewhere else, but I can't say where.  It is not easy to find this info on the web.

I did some more searching and found another document on XYRS formats.  I should have stopped at one, because now I have two that conflict...

This one can be found at


They are very clear that the rotation is CCW.  They make it a bit fuzzy for the bottom side by talking about it as viewed from the top side.  But from the perspective of the assembly machine, it is CCW on both sides when viewed from that side. 

However,,, they use a 0 degree orientation having pin one in the upper left quadrant. 

I have tried to find this info at the machine maker's sites, but they are very shy on giving technical info. 


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