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I have got a "good" idea for a business.

Let's create an anti spammning list. Invest some amount of money into advertising of it. Maybe create a small application, which will update clients with new block list.

When you will have a wide market share, no one will be able to sent email from "listed" e-mail address to anyone.

Than you can start creating viruses or trojan horses which will send spam and put innocent victiom to your block list.

As found in report CyberInsecurity: The Cost Of Monopoly (http://www.ccianet.org/papers/cyberinsecurity.pdf), there is growth of new internet users in perifery, that means newcoming internet users are security unaware. This new and future numerous internet users are more vulnerable to viruses, so your "marketing strategy" could have a long and happy future.
And you will be doing double good work: you will fight spammers (whoever they are - see Felten's article Keystone SpamKops (http://www.freedom-to-tinker.com/archives/000014.html), and you will force "newbies" to become security educated.
And besides, you will get rich.

OK, sarcasm off: I really think this is some kind of stalinism. If someone says you will be punished EVEN you are clearly innocent and even you are a victiom too, this is gangster rule. If this becomes a norm, it means death of rule of the law and wide opens the door to arbitrary stalinistic reign.

I think this is very important problem, endangering our rights and freedoms in the same measure (or even more) as they can be endangered by the government.


       c.. You are an innocent party that has been included in a wider
listing policy because your provider is happy to host spammer(s) that have
       d.. You had your machine hijacked by one or more spammers who have
spammed a SORBS spamtrap or admin.
       e.. You have a machine with a virus or trojan that has spammed a
SORBS spamtrap or admin.
       g.. You inherited the netblock or address after your provider moved
a spammer.
     SORBS will not delist you without paying the 'fine' for any of these

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