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Re: gEDA-user: Who is evil?

Hi --

> I would caution.
> That labeling of a company as evil just because they are offering use of
> proprietary tools, will probably turn off a lot of companies that you
> would like to sponsor geda.
> Show the corporate world that geda is more flexible, a strong supportive
> user base, support for simulation and integrates well with established
> tools. Don't expect to win the hearts and dollars of corporations on
> some sort of ethical argument that is counter intuitive to most us
> companies marketing.

Of course you are right.  I was just trying to be jocular, which is
hard to convey in an e-mail format.

Also, I am aware that the open-source movement has some leading lights
who see the issue of "free software" in moral terms.  I understand and
appreciate that point; as others have said, FOSS is the application of
the scientific method (based upon enlightenment principles) to the
development of software.  One can understand this as partly a moral

However, I don't think that's the right way to try to sell the
open-source methodology to businesses.  The right way is to emphasize
control ("who owns your design?") and (secondarily) cost.



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