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Re: gEDA-user: gEDA flow for chip design?

   There isn't much to the glue script, but now that I think about it I
   might be able to make it more useful and general purpose.  I don't
   think it would be appropriate in its current form for distribution to
   the general public.  It was written specifically for my needs in a
   quick and dirty fashion.  It also lacks any comments.
   Having issued my disclaimers, I am happy to post it.  How do I do that?
   Oliver King-Smith wrote:
   >  There is no need to use the C++ code if you are a whiz at
   > scheme, but I really don't like LISP.
   You are not alone :-)
   Would you  contribute the scheme glue script to the project? Maybe
   it can even be added to the main distro of gnetlist. What do ye
   developers think?
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