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Re: gEDA-user: How to make a ground plane in PCB and attach all GND and VSS nets

2011/5/2 Rob Butts <r.butts2@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Â So, how can I find those symbols? ÂThat means that if I don't use the
> Â VDD and VSS nets I have to copy all symbols into my own symbol
> Â directory? ÂWow, that is an inconvenience to say the least; especially
> Â where I will never use VDD or VSS. ÂThere's no other way to save them
> Â in their original directories?

You can - get a root access for a system-wide installation directory
or install in your user's home dir (say passing --prefix=$HOME to the
./configure script).
Overwriting the default symbols is not recommended because if you
migrate your design to another workstation it will use default symbols
that were not modified.

If you don't want to copy & modify the symbols for your design you can
always override the attributes in each instance of used symbol.
Simply attach an attribute to the symbol instance and specify the
power connection yourself.
You can find an example here: http://www.geda.seul.org/wiki/geda:na_howto

Another way that would work in the development version of gEDA would
be to simply create an alias between VDD/VSS and your selected
netnames for the power pins. You would have to create a wire with two
netnames attached, or short two power symbol pins together to create
an alias.

Best regards,
Krzysztof KoÅciuszkiewicz

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