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Re: Help on Installing Independence

At 01:40 рм 23/02/2000 +0100, you wrote:
> > "Comps file is not version 0.1 as expected." Any subsequent trials to 
> install
> > were unsuccessful.
> >
> > So how can I proceed now? What is this error above?
>The comps file is what lists 'components'.  When you ask for a
>component like networking the install will look into this to know not
>only the primary packages affected but also the software like the libc
>who is needed by the primary ones and so on.
>What is happenning is that you are using an installer (6.1) with a
>differnet distribution so the foarmat of the comps file is not what is
>expected by the parser (6.0).

I tend to disagree with "you are using an installer (6.1)" since I have
downloaded the boot disk from the url
ftp://ftp2.seul.org/independence/Indy-6.0-0.8/images/boot.img .
I could be wrong though.

I will try the solution provided by R.G. Mayhue
"edit the /usr/Indy/base/comps file. At the very top of the
file there will be a number, change the number to 0.1 and restart the
and get back to you.

After I am done installing can we do a page explaining to the absolute newbie
how to do it on their own? Maybe I can do this?

Hey Jean what do you think?

This way Indy can be installed by anyone anywhere without any assistance.
Just download the files print the instructions and follow them to the end
to end up with Indy on your machine. But we need to find an easier way to
do this than what I have done so far. Remember I am using two computers,
I have a CD burner I have extra Hard Disks and other distributions.

Best Regards
Dinos Kouroushaklis