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Re: Help on Installing Independence

> At 01:40 рм 23/02/2000 +0100, you wrote:
> > > "Comps file is not version 0.1 as expected." Any subsequent trials to 
> > install
> > > were unsuccessful.
> > >
> > > So how can I proceed now? What is this error above?
> >
> >The comps file is what lists 'components'.  When you ask for a
> >component like networking the install will look into this to know not
> >only the primary packages affected but also the software like the libc
> >who is needed by the primary ones and so on.
> >
> >What is happenning is that you are using an installer (6.1) with a
> >differnet distribution so the foarmat of the comps file is not what is
> >expected by the parser (6.0).
> I tend to disagree with "you are using an installer (6.1)" since I have
> downloaded the boot disk from the url
> ftp://ftp2.seul.org/independence/Indy-6.0-0.8/images/boot.img .
> I could be wrong though.

I deduced this from the fact you mentionned 6.1.  As the boot disk it
only has a tiny fraction of the installer.  The remainder is loaded
from the installtion media during installation.

I will try to have a look at this comps file just in case.

> I will try the solution provided by R.G. Mayhue
> "edit the /usr/Indy/base/comps file. At the very top of the
> file there will be a number, change the number to 0.1 and restart the
> install."
> and get back to you.
> After I am done installing can we do a page explaining to the absolute newbie
> how to do it on their own? Maybe I can do this?
> Hey Jean what do you think?

Of course I agree.  I am far too conscious of the many deficiencies in
Indy, the worst being documentation.

			Jean Francois Martinez

Project Independence: Linux for the Masses