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Re: zero-knowledge protocols

> I think I understand the goal which is specifically to root out terrorists
> in this case to help investigators find terrorists.

No, not really. Neither you seem, despite the "hard time understanding," to
have noticed that I have mentioned synthetic terrorism [google please], and
that I have used Italics most of the time when referring on it. I also infer
that you don't have read the article whose URL I have given, hence that you
don't know French. Bah.

For example, at


you can read:

    GOP Wishes The Internet Had Never Been Invented
    by: bluegal on Sunday, April 6th, 2008 at 7:30 PM

    It makes it way too easy for someone to document their crimes.

    [A]n internet agitprop artist publishing the website "Republican Offenders
    dot com" has produced a list of 272 Republicans charged with criminal
    activity, 60 of which are pedophiles. Each name is linked to a group
    heading of the type of crime alleged or convicted. (Among the categories
    are rape, bribery and "assorted felonies".)

    [T]he list really has to be seen to be appreciated.

Etc., where GOP = "Grand Old Party" = Republicans ... but I guess you know.
And for not having a hard time again, put a look at the percentage, and figure
the kind of GOP-fellows these are.

(By the way, I disagree with the thesis ... I mean, yes, the GOP--and the
others, of course--may wish the Internet had never been invented, but not
because the pedophiles [which can be tracked just easily even without the
Internet]. Maybe, and since 9/11 in particular, you can speculate on why such
a wish regarding the Internet is emerging is growing.)

Hint: it's more about an *external enemy* in general, be it the Martian or the
Venusian in particular if necessary and depending from the situation ... a bit
in the Procrustian [the guy of the bed: the standard and the reference being
himself, Procruste] interpretation.

> So, if you decide that an investigation is illegal, are you knowingly
> going to withhold the information to grant them access to the server?

Well ... "decide." At least you would consult/tell other people. Notice that
you would know nothing [data] anyway.

> I just wanted to point out that the guys at Tor are doing a great job
> at trying to educate government officials about Tor ...

Yes, yes, kudos.

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