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Re: zero-knowledge protocols--addendum

Addendum ... for those who, no offense taken, have *hard times understanding*.
(I could send addenda hourly.) This one is a *nearer* tor's cousin case:

    Email spy plan about national security: Gillard
    April 14, 2008

    [S]py laws: Employers would be able to look at employees' emails under
    proposed new laws (ABC News: Giulio Saggin)

Etc., just let's quote:

    [Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard:] "We want to make sure that they
    [Roy: Australia's computer networks] are safe from terrorist attack," she

while Dale Clapperton, from Internet rights watchdog Electronic Frontiers
Australia, says: -- there is no need for the proposed laws. --

Here and now it's the "terrorists"; there and yesterday it has been the
pedophiles; in a third place and tomorrow it's the cyber-mafiosi, and so on
including the Venusians and the Kali goddess devotees depending from whether
the tabloids are revealing that minister X, chief of the police Y, or bishop Z
are themselves pedophiles, mafiosi or implicated in other crimes or scandals.

Anyway, do you see the common denominator, who is monotonously increasingly
squeezed summa summarum?

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