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Re: [tor-talk] Google disable web-access to gmail for Tor-users?

On 06.04.2011 10:12, grarpamp wrote:
>> It would be nice to know how exactly the AVD is transmitted. I guess you
>> could then easily fake the value without having to install the SDK.
> AVD (android virtual device)... sounds like a virtualbox instance.
> I don't believer it's 'transmitted' anywhere.
> ADB (Android Debug Bridge)... sounds like a hardware interface to a
> real phone (meaning identity disclosure, thus useless?).
> adb devices command... is supposed to list serial number.

If you can use the emulator without an actual device to register a gmail
account it should as well work without the emulator. The information has
to be transmitted to Gmail in some way in all cases.

Moritz Bartl
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