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Re: Time Warner bad / VPS recommendations

I agree that starting a business may be problematic but I am not sure this would be true for a non-profit in the US.

Does anyone know if US non-profits are required to log connection information? I help several businesses (including a large company) and non-profits maintain their websites, networks, etc. and am not aware of any requirement to log this kind of information.


Sebastian Lechte wrote:
Hi everyone,

Please do not give money to node operators. This will complicate matters
and bring in the wrong people. I support sharing costs for a node in a
small group of people, but don't make it a way to receive money from
anyone - there will be people who abuse it.

It might also have legal implications. Receiving money for a service
might render it a 'business', to which other rules (like keeping
logfiles of forwarded connections or something) might apply that will
bring in yet other bad things.