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Re: Time Warner bad / VPS recommendations

I agree that it may be a risk for one organization to own a large number of Tor nodes. But if that organization is a non-profit and run by some of the Tor users, developers, and operators on this list, that should reduce the risk that the organization will willingly compromise its Tor network.

Also, you could setup an independent auditing system in which Tor "experts" could examine the Tor boxes or VPSs to be sure that they are not compromised.

It is all about transparency!

Peter Lombardo wrote:

It's a risk regarding a large number of nodes being run by a single entity. The upside to such a business model though would be if they donated a percentage of profits to the Tor foundation. If they get pummeled by C&D letters and eventually shut down, at least TOR can keep the money for future development.

If I can make a disclaimer, I'm working on such a service where one of the 'pay for' plans allow for a user to VPN into a TOR server configured to transparently route traffic over the TOR network. But we never use VPS's; only dedicated boxes rented from quasi-random ISPs. I've limited it to one TOR box per ISP so far.