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Re: Time Warner bad / VPS recommendations

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> From: Sebastian Lechte <seb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Friday, February 6, 2009 8:23:13 AM
> Subject: Re: Time Warner bad / VPS recommendations
> Hi everyone,
> Please do not give money to node operators. This will complicate matters
> and bring in the wrong people. I support sharing costs for a node in a
> small group of people, but don't make it a way to receive money from
> anyone - there will be people who abuse it.

Some entity could socially engineer donations merely to subsidize their own bad nodes. Just as the cost of nodes could be defrayed, so cuold the cost of creating a system of bad nodes. At least now if somebody wants to be a global advarsary they have to pay for it themselves.

> It might also have legal implications. Receiving money for a service
> might render it a 'business', to which other rules (like keeping
> logfiles of forwarded connections or something) might apply that will
> bring in yet other bad things.
> Sebastian