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Re: IP address blocked on certain site

On 2/4/2011 8:52 AM, Geoff Down wrote:
I understood that Firefox couldn't be trusted to not leak DNS requests,
  hence the need for an HTTP proxy like Polipo. I'm running an old
  version of Firefox though - are the newer ones fixed in this regard?

Good point. Don't know if Fx is fixed on that. Can check. But, that's not only benefit of using Polipo.

This just in! I discovered Polipo wasn't configured to start w/ Tor, as of today. Don't know what happened. When install the bundle, usually sets up Polipo up automatically (did in past Vidalia bundle vers.). So, set it up thru Vidalia UI "Settings." Restarted Tor, & Polipo did start. Went to the trouble site - got the same msg again:
Firewall software decided your IP address ( is abusing this server. Use of automated software that does not follow /robots.txt is forbidden. Broken RSS reader is the most common cause.
Any idea what this really means? Searched web for above string - found nothing. Don't think the msg has anything to do the the specific address, but fact it's coming ? from Tor, or some other info being w/held from the site, that they won't allow access unless missing info is given?

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