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Re: IP address blocked on certain site

On 2/4/2011 9:43 AM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:

This just in!  I discovered Polipo wasn't configured to start w/ Tor, as of today.  Don't know what happened.  When install the bundle, usually sets up Polipo up automatically (did in past Vidalia bundle vers.).  So, set it up thru Vidalia UI "Settings."  Restarted Tor, & Polipo did start.  Went to the trouble site - got the same msg again:
Firewall software decided your IP address ( is abusing this server. Use of automated software that does not follow /robots.txt is forbidden. Broken RSS reader is the most common cause.
Any idea what this really means?  Searched web for above string - found nothing.  Don't think the msg has anything to do the the specific address, but fact it's coming ? from Tor, or some other info being w/held from the site, that they won't allow access unless missing info is given?

No ideas yet on what "automated software that doesn't follow /robots.txt is forbidden," means?

I tried again & this time got on the site.
Shut down Tor.
 "        "     Firefox - cleared cache.
Restarted Fx & Tor w/o Polipo or Torbutton enabled - accessed site OK.
Shut all down again, as above, & restarted FX, Tor w/ Polipo but Torbutton disabled - accessed site OK.
Repeated shut down & clearing cache,
Restarted Fx, Tor, Polipo & Torbutton - accessed site OK.  Checked what IP address Tor exit node was using - diff, of course, from one shown above that was blocked.

Seems site blocking access is related to specific IP addresses?  There ARE no differences in setup of my Tor / Pol. / Torbutton today (when site access successful) as other day when blocked.  One GOOD thing learned is by following all shutdown steps above, seemed to be able to stop same (old, incorrect) IP address being accessed / given to site.  Other day, must've been something about sequence of shutdown / clearing cache that didn't clear the old IP address.

UNKNOWN:  When installed latest Vidalia bundle few days ago, did NOT check to see if Polipo was installed / running.  My guess is it WAS, because today the reason I checked on Polipo is Fx would NOT connect w/o it.  Common problem for many - get msg to effect, "firefox is refusing to connect... blah, blah."  Getting Polipo started fixes this prob immediately.