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Re: [tor-talk] Email provider for privacy-minded folk

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Mysterious Flyer:
> OK, more information on the circumstances:
> 1.  The whole reason I started up with all this "privacy" and
> "anonymous" stuff was because someone had hacked my gmail account,
> and was trying to ruin my life.  I happen to know from their IP
> address that they work at Google in San Jose. 2.  I used a
> dedicated Tor Mail account to open the anonymous "Torrified" Yahoo
> account, and then only ever used the Yahoo account to post to this
> forum. 3.  I have to admit that I got lazy with my passwords. 4.  I
> only use Google through https, but you know that gets unencrypted
> at the exit node, right?  Or am I wrong about that? 5. I use
> Keyscrambler whenever I'm online, and I have AdAware.  I sometimes
> download free trials of other anti-malware programs, just to make
> sure that AdAware is doing a good job. 6. I use an unsecured
> wireless network at home because we're too lazy to set up a
> password.  We set one up once, but then got new computers and it
> was hard, K?  We live in a very spaced-out area, so our nearest
> neighbor is too far away to hop on our connection.  Our nearest
> neighbor has TWO secured connections at his own house.  One of them
> is named "Black Ops", which is funny.  I doubt the neighbor with
> two connections is hopping on to mine.
> I have my suspicions about Tor Mail.  Do any of you think that
> someone got access to my Yahoo account by hacking into the Tor Mail
> account that was used to set it up?  I was using this little
> algorithm to make passwords, which probably would have easily been
> guessed if a person had my user name and password from the one Tor
> Mail account.
> I noticed that my back-up account to the Yahoo account had been
> changed from "xxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx" to "xxx@xxxxxxxxxxx".  I also can't
> for the life of me seem to remember my password to the dedicated
> Tor Mail account that was used to set up the dedicated Yahoo
> account.  Was the password changed at Tor Mail, or did I just plumb
> forget it?
> I have gotten conflicting information on whether or not it is EVER
> safe to access e-mail through Tor.  I have read that your Google
> cookie can be stolen through Tor, even when you aren't on Google.
> Is that true?
> So I am thinking there are two possibilities: 1.  My hater has been
> spying on my this whole time, even though I thought they were gone,
> and they are good at spying. 2.  This is a new person (not the
> hater) who got at me through Tor Mail, and they just posted the
> posing post as way to make fun of me because they think it's
> funny.
> I doubt the debit card thing is related.  Someone probably stole my
> numbers through a swipe-logging device at a gas station.
> Based on the information above, can anyone provide any further
> insight that has not already been given?
> Signed, The REAL mysterious flyer.

I think Mysterous Flyer is either an idiot or a troll, the fact that
he accuses Google of changing his password, and Tormail, and isn't
even sure whether he forgot his password or not is laughable.

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