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Re[2]: Free Software and Torpark (was: Ultimate solution)

Perhaps what you are looking for is full support for RFC 3514.

Best of luck.


On Sun, 25 Mar 2007, Arrakis wrote:

Let  us  not be ambigious about the "users" you are talking about. The
specific  "users"  you  are talking about are limited by definition to
only  be  the ones wanting to modify it to include malware/trojans, or
someone  trying  to  turn it into a commercial application, or an evil
government  that  does not abide by the universal declaration of human
rights.  Anyone  who  falls  under  one of those three definitions who
can't consider it free, I'm not concerned about. To _all_ other users,
it  is  free  and open source, and they can do what they want with it,
and modify and distribute it how they please.

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