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Re: [tor-talk] Socks5 and msmtp

Il 22/05/2012 07:16, grarpamp ha scritto:

> socat -d -d -d -lu TCP4-LISTEN:2526,fork
> SOCKS4A:localhost:realsmtp.net:587,socksport=9050
> now what you need is to point your mua to localhost:2526 as smtp
> server. It works.
> Yes, but I'm pretty sure that would break TLS since msmtp sees localhost as CN
> in its config and the cert CN says realsmtp.net.

No, msmtp could be configured not to check ssl certs with

tls_certcheck off

option in .msmtprc

> socat might be able to do that
> TLS settings, but then there is not msmtp <-> realsmtp end2end TLS, only
> socat <-> realsmtp, and msmtp doesn't know its results.

>  And it requires managing
> a separate daemon for each account provider user wants to send mail to.

You could use different ports with different smtp relays.

It is not easy but I did not find anything better.

>  And SOCKS4/4A doesn't work with IPv6.

Tor too.

> Seems like msmtp having its own internal transparent SOCKS5 capability
> would solve those issues. Right?

Some of them sure!


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