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Re: [tor-talk] Socks5 and msmtp

>> Yes, but I'm pretty sure that would break TLS since msmtp sees localhost as CN
>> in its config and the cert CN says realsmtp.net.

> No, msmtp could be configured not to check ssl certs with
> tls_certcheck off
> option in .msmtprc

Ok, sure with that, but well the presumption is that security conscious
users would _want_ to be checking both the cert and the fingerprint.
That being the same sort of users that use Tor.
At least they should be doing that, given they care to use Tor.

>> ÂAnd it requires managing
>> a separate daemon for each account provider user wants to send mail to.
> You could use different ports with different smtp relays.
> It is not easy but I did not find anything better.

Hmm, I think that's the same meaning as running 'separate daemons'.

> It is not easy but I did not find anything better.

Which is why this thread exists, as a suggestion that a SOCKS5
option to smtp would much enhance/solve things.

>> ÂAnd SOCKS4/4A doesn't work with IPv6.
> Tor too.

I'm rather certain Tor has a v6 ticket and active development
open at this moment.

>> Seems like msmtp having its own internal transparent SOCKS5 capability
>> would solve those issues. Right?
> Some of them sure!

We hope most, if not all.
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