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Re: [tor-talk] Socks5 and msmtp

grarpamp <grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx> writes:


>>> ÂAnd it requires managing
>>> a separate daemon for each account provider user wants to send mail to.
>> You could use different ports with different smtp relays.
>> It is not easy but I did not find anything better.
> Hmm, I think that's the same meaning as running 'separate daemons'.

Yes, sure!

Sorry, I did not read this with sufficient attention.

>> It is not easy but I did not find anything better.
> Which is why this thread exists, as a suggestion that a SOCKS5
> option to smtp would much enhance/solve things.
>>> ÂAnd SOCKS4/4A doesn't work with IPv6.
>> Tor too.
> I'm rather certain Tor has a v6 ticket and active development
> open at this moment.
>>> Seems like msmtp having its own internal transparent SOCKS5 capability
>>> would solve those issues. Right?
>> Some of them sure!
> We hope most, if not all.

Well, what could we begin to do?

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