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Re: Anonymous Blogging

RMS <gnu.rms@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Thanks for all the reply. I will consider using some of the mentioned
> techniques, maybe a live-cd to defeat key logger.

Remember that a LiveCD doesn't protect you against hardware key loggers. 

> I am currently using Privoxy with Tor on Windows XP to make my
> connection anonymous. As I do not wish to filter my web browsing, I
> cleared the following three files so only "Main Configuration" has
> some parameters in it.
> Default Actions
> User Actions
> Filters
> Will this actions affect my anonymous status or it still remains the same?

If you don't enable hide-forwarded-for-headers you are sending your
client's IP address to the web server. If you aren't using NAT,
this will obviously affect your anonymity.

This is probably the biggest issue, but of course most of Privoxy's
features are intended to make user tracking harder; if you disable
them you will be worse off then before, unless you find browser plugins
which do the same.

If you haven't already, you also might want to read Privoxy FAQ
"4.8. Can Privoxy guarantee I am anonymous?":


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