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Re: Anonymous Blogging

RMS <gnu.rms@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > > If you don't enable hide-forwarded-for-headers you are sending your
> > > client's IP address to the web server. If you aren't using NAT,
> > > this will obviously affect your anonymity.
> >
> > If you're running Privoxy on the machine you are using to browse, and
> > you're connecting using the address "," the Forwarded-For
> > header should read "," so there's no real threat.
> I cannot find the parameter "hide-forwarded-for-headers". Is it in one
> of the files I had cleared?

It's usually in default action.
> Anyway, my masked IP was tested to be a Tor node from the detector.
> Can I conclude that the 3 files can be safely cleared without
> compromising on my anonymity?

You can use:
to see how Privoxy is changing the request headers.

If you are using the setup jgt described (which is the default),
Privoxy should indeed only send While this isn't enough
to compromise your anonymity by itself, it would still make user
tracking easier.


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