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Re: [pygame] Mixer Quit / Restart

    It never worked, it is just that it never worked.

This appears to get the total number of channels, not the number of active channels.  However, I tried using get_busy(), but it still does not seem to work.

See the following modifications to my original code:

import pygame, time

for x in range(10):
    print("Starting iteration " + str(x))
    print("Initializing mixer")

    print("Loading sound")
    sound = pygame.mixer.Sound("foo.wav")
    print("Finding free channel")
    channel = pygame.mixer.find_channel()
    print("Channel object: " + str(channel))
    print("Setting volume")
    print("Playing sound")
    print("Sleeping until sound is finished playing...")
    while pygame.mixer.get_busy():

    print("Quitting mixer\n\n")

This displays the same behaviour.

In response to a previous comment about using channel.stop() before quitting the mixer: this does not work either, as can be seen by adding channel.stop() after the get_busy loop above.

Has anyone tried running this code themselves?  I am wondering if I am experiencing some obscure bug, possibly platform specific.  I am running on OS X, but don't have access to other systems for troubleshooting.  If someone else has access to a Windows or Linux box, and is able to prove if this fails on those systems as well, that may be useful.


Ian Mallett wrote:
On 7/2/08, Wyatt Olson <wyatt.olson@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is there anything which can return a list of all currently active channels?
This returns 0 if none are playing and > 0 if there are.