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Re: [pygame] Google Summer of Code participation

Lenard Lindstrom kirjoitti:
But I do have my concerns. Cython is not a stable language. It may change to remain compatible with Pyrex, which is still in alpha development. This just means keeping ones Cython compiler current. Also Cython doen't support variable

yep, a moving target. that scipy discussion mentioned that the cython guys are targeting it for inclusion to the python standard library (if i understood correctly), and iirc also for it to be compatible with python? (i'm not sure what that would mean). obviously if it reaches the stdlib it'll be pretty stable, but dunno if that's gonna happen or when it might.

then again, some folks figured that in some point in the future the pypy work will result in normal py getting jitted to native code so efficiently that it'll render cython irrelevant, but was it perhaps in 10 or 20 years when they expected that :)

anyhow it is already well usable for some things, and pyrex has been for quite many years already (like 5?), so worth considering for where is fit.

the note that it suites 'for loop style programs' better than 'simple numeric operations' got me thingking that perhaps it might be used in game code (where you easily mey need to iterate thru a lot of things etc).