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Re: [seul-edu] Re: New educational section in GNU

Bruno Vernier wrote:

> So I hope that people like  Vladimir and Hilaire stay or come back
> to the list.  It is not so much that we need to build up our "side", but
> this list is a very honorable and appropriate place in which to continue
> publishing reports of our work and discuss issues/news  about educational
> programs and stuff in a GNU/linux environment.  

> I think it is also appropriate for the GNU website not to post links to
> sites that do not separate their free from non-free stuff.  If the seul-edu
> community wants to be linked from GNU, we now clearly know the rules.  But I
> refuse to interpret that as some sort of shameful thing (on either
> seul-edu's part or GNU's part)... everyone is free to make links (or to
> hope for links to be made from or ) to whatever they want.

Hear, hear! (-: