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Re: [f-cpu] There's something going wrong here...


Michael Riepe wrote:


>In particular, if two people are allowed to update the same directory,
>and one of them adds a file, that file will be lost if the other one
>imports his version (without the new file). This does not happen with
>the usual checkout/commit/update sequence, but as I mentioned before,
I have demand to my colleagues, which used every days cvs, if it's 
possible to have many cvsroot with the same local cvs directory. It 
seems not, but it is possible to configure (via a configuration file) 
cvs to launch specific script according to command event. And in that 
script, the cvsroot can be different than defined one.
The way to do must be defined into the cvs manual.

Perhaps that can be solve the problem. I try to find more information on 
the subject.

>that's impossible - I can't switch repositories, and I can't work with
>the global one by default either. The only solution is to give only
>one person write access to a particular directory, but that makes things
>difficult again, because we have shared directories (like vhdl/common)
>where files from different developers accumulate. That is, one of us
>must become the official maintainer for that directory, and everybody
>else must pass his changes to him, or we need to split vhdl/common into
>subdirectories (common/mr, common/yg and so on). Both solutions are ugly.
>We get even bigger problems when two people create new subdirectories with
>the same name. Let's say both Yann and I create vhdl/blah. Yann imports
>his version first. When I import my files, his will be lost.  When you
>commit files, cvs will warn you if somebody else has changed them since
>you checked out, but there is no security check when you *import* them.
>As you can see, it's hard to get things right but it's pretty easy
>to fuck up the repository. The probably best solution is a single CVS
>maintainer who grabs the sources when we release them, resolves all the
>issues mentioned above, and updates the repository. It's a hairy job,
>and if one of you wants it, he can have it. But don't say you haven't
>been warned.
>These facts are of course independent of the location of the homepage or
>the repository. Therefore, a move can not be the answer; it just poses
>more questions. I suggest that you think about the existing questions
>instead, and try to solve the existing problems, instead of creating
>new ones.
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