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Re: gEDA-user: multiple attributes

Matthew Wilkins <matthew_m_wilkins@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> There _is_ a meaning to the order if a netlister expects only one
> attribute, but the symbol has several of the same name.  In that case,
> the netlister could find either the first attribute of that name or
> the last, depending on how the netlister was written.

This should either case an error or a prominent warning.

> About overloading:
> Sometimes it's desirable to overload attributes; for example I might
> want to simulate a circuit through a spice netlister, then generate a
> BOM of the parts in the simulation.  Having the BOM netlister use the
> same "value" attributes as the simulation helps prevent errors in
> keeping the two flows in sync.
> To give the user the choice of overloading the symbols or not, each
> netlister could first look for a netlister-specific attribute, and if
> that doesn't exist then use a generic attribute.  i.e first look for
> "spice-sdb-value", and if that doesn't exist then use the generic
> "value".

And that is the way forward for the problematic overloading we have
right now, e.g., the pinseq attribute:

The spice netlist shall learn to use a (spice-)port-order attribute, or
however that shall be named, and fall back to pinseq, with an
obsolescence warning.

  pin-seq  (obsolete)

I like your idea.  

What is the spice term for pins?


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