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Re: gEDA-user: multiple attributes

John Doty <jpd@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I'd prefer a spice-prototype attribute, which would allow us to avoid many of the difficulties without a confusing proliferation of attributes. For the symbol nmos-3.sym, a suitable prototype might be:
> M? #D #G #S #S $model-name L= W= AS= AD= PS= PD= M=
> We can yell at each other about syntax, but I think the basic idea is sound. Right now, spice-sdb is essentially reduced to guessing what the symbol represents. It can't always tell reliably (it's been know to decide my flip-flops are diodes!). There isn't generally one right answer: with a different kind of model (subcircuit), the prototype for nmos-3.sym might be:
> X? #D #G #S $model-name
> Suggested syntax:
> First characters up to the "?" are the device prefix.
> #x means the net attached to pinnumber x.
> %x means the net attached to pinseq x.
> `x means the net attached to pinlabel x.
> $x means the value of attribute x.
> x= means an optional x=value string to be emitted only if the x attribute is present.

Same overloading, just sperad out, I don't like that.

Is this too verbose?

M? #{pinlabel=D} #{pinlabel=G} #{pinlabel=S} #{pinlabel=S} ${model-name} L={length} W={width} AS= AD= PS= PD= M= 


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