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Re: gEDA-user: multiple attributes

> I'd prefer a spice-prototype attribute, which would allow us to avoid many of 
>the difficulties without a confusing > >proliferation of attributes. For the 
>symbol nmos-3.sym, a suitable prototype might be:

> M? #D #G #S #S $model-name L= W= AS= AD= PS= PD= M=

Yes, if we're willing to reinvent how a spice simulation is set up, this seems 
like a much better approach.  The 'pinseq' attribute is obsoleted, as the 
prototype defines the order of pins in the spice card.  I suspect that a simple 
gnetlist backend (without hierarchy)  could be written in about 30 lines of 
scheme, because the netlister hardly needs to know anything about SPICE syntax. 
 It's all contained in the prototype, with a bit of variable substitution done 
by the netlister.

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