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Re: The Artists thing

Steve Baker wrote:

> If you doubt the quality of the results you get with MOD-like formats,
> listen to any Nintendo-64 game - the N64 uses exclusively MOD for music.

Funny, I was playing Wipeout III on the N64 recently and complaining
about how crappy the music was compared to the PlayStation version. Or
you might also compare to the music in Crazy Taxi on the DreamCast.

But compared to FM-based hardware MIDI (which is nothing short of
AWFUL), yes MOD-style music is very good, particularly for its size.

The failure of MIDI in games makes me a bit bitter, because at the time
I bought my 486DX4/100 (my first PC, at the time where P100 was the
fastest), I bought one of the very first wave-table sound card, the
Audiotrix Pro (the "normal" top of the line was either the later Sound
Blaster Pro or SB16 were *really* new, my card did cost $300!). People
that found DOOM creepy with their feeble SB-Pro were CRUSHED by the
atmosphere the wave-table MIDI gave to the game! You remember the riff
on the score screen? Well that is bass guitar, and it ROCKS with a good
MIDI card! On a SB16 or some AWE cards, it sounds so depressingly bad...

What does Q3A uses? Isn't it MP3?

"We aim to make simple things simple and complex things possible."
 -- Alan Kay (on Smalltalk)

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