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Re: [tor-talk] Why corrupt government officials are strongly opposed to this Tor project (a Gestapo government run amok!)

On 03/05/2015 04:33 AM, Ben Tasker wrote:
>> When it comes to those of you from the UK, your bizarre "conspiracy
>> theory" rhetoric is starting to get just a tad bit too creepy and
>> indicates it is time to get a grip on reality.
> Because in the absence of evidence, it is just that - a conspiracy theory.
> You're asserting that Fox and the Govt (or at least some of it's agencies)
> are conspiring, but have provided no real no evidence to support it, hence
> theory.

This was never meant to become a debate over a loosely knit "conspiracy
theory", or however you want to define information analysis regarding
unlawful Tor-blocking.

I do not like the language "conspiracy theory", as the evidence is clear
there is a connection between the same corrupt US and UK government
officials and executives at News Corp and 21st Century Fox. Remember,
those who control the media control the masses, therefore corrupt
government officials in both the US and UK, who are abusing their power,
use the media as a government run propaganda machine to sway public
opinion and control society in a very devious, unlawful manner. Corrupt
UK government officials still think they have control over the US,
therefore this is one of the many reasons why the US is not a free
democracy like naive citizens think it is.

>> Why are those of you from the UK of all places so desperate to discredit
>> me by the way?! When a citizen posts information for analysis that
>> proves foxnews.com, senate.gov, and usps.com are using the exact same
>> Tor-blocking software, and the timing that this software was installed
>> on the same three domains is not coincidental, how can you in your right
>> mind state that there is not a significant connection between these
>> three entities?
> Aside from a similar error message, you've not provided anything to show a
> 'significant' connection between the three. 

It is not just a similar error message, the beginning digits on the
reference number prove it is the EXACT same software running on all
three domains. Perhaps those of you on this mailing list are not website
developers and have no computer software research and development
experience - this is obvious from the naive, insulting comments.

> It's equally possible that both Fox and the US Govt have purchased 'bad
> behaviour' blocking software from the same private company.

Yes, now you are finally seeing the light of day on this case. It is not
"bad behavior" software, such as parental control software we are
talking about here, neither is this Tor-blocking software being
installed on foxnews.com to prevent network abuse. This is UNLAWFUL
Tor-blocking, plain and simple, which is being used to prevent citizens
from circumventing false propaganda fed to them through pop-up ads and
tailored news articles directed towards them personally based on their
IP address. What this boils down to is unlawful manipulation of media
outlets to frighten, threaten, and coerce dissidents and control all
aspects of our society. It is obvious foxnews.com, senate.gov, and
usps.com did purchase the EXACT same Tor-blocking software from the same

How do you suppose these shady characters came to know each other
anyhow? Do you really think cellphone hacking executives tied to
foxnews.com, corrupt US senators tied to senate.gov, and shady mail
carriers tied to usps.com (moving bulk dope through the mail system)
just so happened to type "Tor-blocking software" into the same Google
search engine at the exact same time and up popped the download page for
the same point of contact? The odds of this happening are impossible.
Corrupt US senators and executives at USPS already had a shady
connection with Rupert Murdoch before a connection was made with website
developers who design and maintain foxnews.com, senate.gov, and usps.com.

Kind Regards, Travis Bean

Travis L. Bean
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