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Re: Anonymous Blogging

Also, make sure you have an application firewall to stop DNS leaks and plugins from taking your anonymity away.

On 11/15/06, Jeffrey F. Bloss < jbloss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
RMS wrote:

> > > If you don't enable hide-forwarded-for-headers you are sending
> > > your client's IP address to the web server. If you aren't using
> > > NAT, this will obviously affect your anonymity.
> >
> > If you're running Privoxy on the machine you are using to browse,
> > and you're connecting using the address "," the
> > Forwarded-For header should read "," so there's no real
> > threat.
> I cannot find the parameter "hide-forwarded-for-headers". Is it in one
> of the files I had cleared?
> Anyway, my masked IP was tested to be a Tor node from the detector.
> Can I conclude that the 3 files can be safely cleared without
> compromising on my anonymity?

No, you can't conclude that. Even *with* those three files there's no
guarantees. There's a lot more to it than your IP address, and that is
what Privoxy is meant to do... pick up where Tor leaves off. Tor
anonymizes the connection, Privoxy scrubs the information that's sent
over it. Without Privoxy your chances of being discovered by way of
some _javascript_ or "web bug" trickery increases, for example. So does
the ability of an attacker to potentially track you by certain unique
qualities in your HTTP headers. Privoxy goes a long way to address
some of these issues, and by neutering it you're really gaining nothing,
and sacrificing quite a bit.

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