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Re: [OT] Translation (was: Like to run TOR-Node)

On 14.09.2007 21:00:10, Ricky Fitz wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 14.09.2007, 19:37 +0200 schrieb TOR Admin (gpfTOR1):
> > The ISP "1blu" offers a vserver, which may be used for a TOR node.
> > I read a message about a running TOR node without any error on a 1blu
> > vserver. It offers more traffic ;-)
> Just saw a "Sonderangebot" (what do you call that in english?) just 1

Special Offer

#!/bin/sh #!/bin/bash #!/bin/tcsh #!/bin/csh #!/bin/kiss #!/bin/ksh
#!/bin/pdksh #!/usr/bin/perl #!/usr/bin/python #!/bin/zsh #!/bin/ash

Feel at home? Got some of them? Want to show some magic?


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