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Re: [pygame] Picking monitor...

If these auxillary adapters are anything like the USB video adapters I
have used myself, they just flat out don't support 3D acceleration of
any kind. SDL 1.3 and DirectX will not help. They will have the same
problem as OpenGL does.

DirectX actually works ok. At least the windowed test apps I've dug up appear to work ok.

I am going to guess that you will have to do software rendering if you
want any kind of 3D. (And software rendering at good speeds only works
at /very/ low resolutions)

The 7" LCD is a TV set being fed through a VGA->composite device. I was planning on no higher than 800x600. Since there are really no true "3D" elements to the PFD or Nav displays, it shouldn't be a problem to be software-only rendered.



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