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Re: [pygame] GSoC Easy simple software 3d

On, Mon Mar 30, 2009, Kurucsai Istvan wrote:


> About My Project
>     1. My project is about implementing "Easy Simple Software 3D" support for
>     pygame. It would be capable of loading and rendering 3D models and handling
>     basic OpenGL functionality like lighting. I divided the task into 3
>     subprojects:
>         I. Choosing/wrapping an appropriate software OpenGL implementation.
>             There are several candidates for this (tinygl, sdl-tinygl, vincent).
>             The chosen implementation has to be fast, reasonably bug-free and
>             appropriately licensed.
>         II. Choosing a model format and developing a loader for it.
>             3ds and obj are the most likely to be used. Both of them has plenty
>             of documentation/example code, obj is simpler but I already have 
>             some experience with 3ds.

I'd recommend to focus on the obj format here. It's even more common
than 3ds and most modelers support export/import facilities for it. If
you have enough time at your hands later on, you can go ahead and add
3ds support or whatever else, so you should add an optional task about
adding more loaders.

>         III. Writing the engine.
>             The main goal is to make the interface of the engine as simple as
>             possible while retaining functionality. Loading and displaying a
>             model should be as simple as 2 function calls.

The internals of the engine should be nicely layered (using as less
complexity as possible to keep it fast), so it can be exchanged easily
with another software engine or even hardware bindings.

Besides that, your proposal looks all good to me.


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