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[school-discuss] fle3 (was: class scheduling applications needed)

On Sun, Sep 08, 2002 at 03:51:24PM +0300, Ilpo Halonen wrote:
> Hi,
> let me add http://fle3.uiah.fi/ to your list of virtual learning
> environments. I have also heard about a product called Manhattan but don't
> know much about it.

Just looked at fle3.  It doesn't appear to have any Master schedule creation
abilities at all. (That was the topic/purpose of this thread. ;-) )

But it looks pretty neat otherwise.  It seems to be a colloborative learning
tool designed for use in a school environment.  The interface languages are
already available in Finnish, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Brazilian
Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch, Italian, Lithuanian and German.
It has tools called Webtops, Jamming, and knowledge building.

Hey Ilpo - Can you tell us if this tools is web based or not ?  If it is
web based it can be deployed in schools using both Microsoft and Open
Source platforms and still be equally accessible to both.  If it runs
locally on either platform then the other platform is excluded.  I looked
but can't tell if it is browser based (which would mean web based.)

So - 
MSS=0  (not a bad rating, just means it doesn't do master schedule creation)
VS=HIGH, a 9 or 10

Looks very neat.  Doesn't do Master schedule creation. Of course that was
never the intent for this product.

Ilpo - have you added this product to the SEUL Education applications index ?