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Re: gEDA-user: Symbol question - suggestions?

Johnny Rosenberg wrote:

> So, if I decide to use a 74-power symbol after all, is there 
> any way I can design it making it automatically understand 
> where it belongs, 


> so I don't need to manually enter all those âU1, U2, U3â und 
> so weiter?

Even if you don't use the power symbol, you still have to distribute 
the refdes strings of slotted symbols manually. gschem has no way to 
know which symbols you intend to put in the same package. Yes, some 
kind of heuristics may be imaginable. Ideas have been floating on the 
mailing list. But none has been coded, yet.

> If I wanted a lot of work, I could draw my components with a pen
> on a piece of paper and then scan the whole thingâ

this approach wouldn't produce a valid netlist :-P

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